Trends we are expecting to see in 2022

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“We are living in the future where individuality and confidence rule,” says interior designer Andee Hess, principal of Osmose Design, an award-winning interior design studio in Portland, Oregon.

In 2022 we expect to see this through all design elements as people express their individuality through their home space.



Although we love a timeless earthy toned space, bold colour choices are making its way into peoples homes and we are so excited to see it!

Bold design choices with colourful elements is exactly how home owners are expressing their individuality and confidence within their homes. Whether it be through their cabinetry, splash backs, counter tops or styling pieces colour sure is one way to make a statement.



We expect to see more earthy textures derived from landscape whether that be wood, stone, bronze, plaster and more with all textures being inspired from nature. Textures like raked plaster, clay and grainy stuccos have been popular and we don’t suspect this will end anytime soon due to their durability and water resistance.

It is a way of bringing the outside earthy landscapes indoors making that connection between indoors and outdoor living at its finest.

We expect to see homes incorporating more sustainable options when it comes to their renovations.

Whether this means home owners are being more mindful of the kinds of materials they are introducing to their homes, taking on a “timeless – buy once” approach or embracing minimal styling pieces that ensures longevity within the home allowing the design features to speak for themselves.

We are seeing more and more suppliers transitioning to more sustainable options. Cosentino has introduced a new Milestone with HybriQ+ technology. They explain it “Is an innovative generation of surfaces completely manufactured with renewable energy, recycled water and composed with a hybrid formulation: a new high performance blend of premium minerals, quartz and recycles glass.



Contoured curves have been a key feature in many renovations this past year however they are expected to stick around in 2022. The 2022 Pinterest Predicts report detailed a 140-percent increase in searches for “curved bar design” and a 170-percent jump for “round pool decking ideas” driven by boomers, millennials, and Gen X.

Beyond curved furniture pieces we can expect to see an increase in curvilinear design elements throughout the home. It can be seen through countertops, waterfall corners, archways, bars and window contours bringing a sense of tranquility and fluidity to a space along with adding personality and elements of interest to a home.



Lastly, open shelving is a design element we are excited to see stick around for 2022.

Open shelving is a great way to showcase beautiful styling pieces like crockery whilst making the space more dynamic and adding personality.

Not only is it functional and easy to access it is an affordable take on kitchen storage and can completely transform the appearance of the room.


luxury Home renovations perth

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