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Australia’s premium kitchen and laundry specialist, reveals some of the latest products leading the steam revolution in kitchen and laundry appliances. With the evolution of steam technology, home cooking and cleaning has never been more efficient and accessible.

Danielle Sukari, Cooking Category Expert from Winning Appliances says, “The range of appliances using steam technology has expanded, allowing for more versatility, functionality, and convenience for the contemporary household. The benefits of steam now allows for more cooking accuracy, as it not only helps preserve more of your food’s vitamins and nutrients, it also provides better results.”

“The use of steam technology in laundry appliances has become increasingly popular with consumers, as they look for ways in which they can save time spent doing household chores such as washing, drying and ironing. At Winning Appliances we strive to provide the latest premium quality products that our customers will benefit from. Our product range covers all aspects of the steam revolution, and are the pinnacle of kitchen and laundry appliances on the market,” said Jay Coleing, Whitegoods Category Expert from Winning Appliances.

Combi-steam ovens are becoming increasingly popular as they offer both form and functionality. Offering a complete cooking solution, combi-steam ovens are suitable for a busy household that loves healthy, wholesome cooking. With a broader range of products now on the market, consumers have more options when it comes to cooking with steam.


The benefits of cooking with steam include:

1. Healthier meals-​ locks in essential nutrients and vitamins without the need to use extra oils.

2. Professional cooking results​- meat and fish are cooked to be succulent and tender & allows food to come out juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

3. Time efficiency​- reduces cooking times, which is beneficial for time poor professionals.

4. Greater cooking accuracy​- added precision of ‘sous-vide’ capabilities available on select products, whereby you can perfectly slow cook vacuum sealed food with minute accuracy.


Top steam cooking products:

1. NEFF 60cm built-in combi steam oven

2. ASKO 45cm elements built-in combi steam oven

3. V-ZUG 45cm compact built-in combi steam oven

4. Gaggenau built-in combi steam oven

5. Miele 60cm combi-steam built-in oven

6. Siemens 45cm iQ700 studioLine ecoClean compact combi-steam oven

7. SMEG 45cm dolce stil novo compact combi-steam oven


Benefits of steam for the laundry include:

1. Time efficiency​- minimises the time spent doing the laundry.

2. Steam-drying​- resulting in less time spent on ironing.

3. Steam-ironing​- achieve professional ironing results at home.

4. Hygienic​- steam cycle functions ensure clothing is better sanitised reducing allergens present.

5. Dry-cleaning solutions​- achievable from the convenience of home, saving time and money.


Top steam laundry products:

1. Miele 9kg heat pump dryer

2. Miele 9kg W1 white edition front load washing machine

3. V-ZUG adora 8kg front load washing machine

4. Miele fashionmaster steam iron

5. V-ZUG refresh butler (has to be seen to be believed!!)



Here at Retreat Design we love to incorporate the latest appliance products into our designs to ensure our kitchens & laundries maintain great longevity and functionality. Come and have a chat with us today about how we can design you the perfect future-proof kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

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Miele Combi Steam Electric Wall Oven

Miele Fashionmaster Steam Iron

SMEG 45cm dolce stil novo compact combi-steam oven


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