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South Fremantle – Kitchens

This impressive 1800 sqm residence in South Fremantle includes a main house with kitchen, bathrooms, ensuite, laundry and living room cabinetry. A guesthouse at the back is well equipped with a second kitchen, office, bathrooms and rooftop terrace to take in views over the Port city. Working directly with the client, Retreat Design supplied a mix of Italian cabinetry throughout the industrial/eclectic home. The end result is a residence abundant with character and style.


Products Used:

Main kitchen and scullery

Cabinetry: Arrital Oxidised Lacquer in Acciaio, Fenix NTA in Argento Dukat, burnished grooves + plinths

Breakfast bar: 60mm thick Fenix NTA in Argento Dukat

Benchtops: 12mm thick Dekton in Kelya

Splashback: by client, bought from Kantili Tiles



Guesthouse kitchen

Cabinetry: Arredo3 Black Maxximatt Laminate, Eucalipto Noce Laminate, burnished grooves/plinths/handles

Breakfast bar: 60mm thick Eucalipto Noce Laminate

Benchtops: 12mm thick Dekton in Kelya on back run, 12mm Dekton Kreta island

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